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Proceedings of the International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning Today 2019: Autonomy and Motivation for Language Learning in the Interconnected World
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It is our privilege to welcome so many professionals, researchers, colleagues, students, and stakeholders in the area of English language teaching and learning joining the conference today. Language Teaching and Learning Today is an initiative of Faculty of Foreign Languages, HCMC University of Technology and Education in facilitating and empowering the professional community of language education and research.

LTLT 2019 is highlighted by a keynote from Associate Professor Garold Murray and two other plenaries from Dr. Hafizoah Kassim and Dr. Nguyen Duc Chinh. The conference examines the concepts of learner autonomy and learning motivation in a challenging context of globalisation and interconnectedness. It provides reports on various ideologies and practices of language teaching and learning from specific situations. The Z generation learners nowadays often involve in different spaces at the same time even when they are physically resided in the same place. Their life engagement tends to frequently travel among spaces or communities of interests. Consequently, they can be easily distracted and driven away from learning activities particularly when learning is conventionally uncomfortable. This urges teachers to develop and maintain students’ capacity of learner autonomy and their learning motivation. Therefore, it is important to reconsider local strategies and make suggestions for further effective pedagogies.

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