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Language Teaching and Learning Today 2018: Diversity and Unity of Language Education in the Globalised Landscape
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It is our great honour to welcome you all to Language Teaching and Learning Today 2018 at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE). As you should have known, HCMUTE is one of the most renowned and dynamic universities for training and research in Vietnam. It is committed to offering quality training services and fostering effective space for innovations. We have several programs assessed by AUN-QA and the institution accredited at the national level. Along with the striving process of bringing breakthroughs to the training services at the university, LTLT 2018 is proudly organised. This annual conference is a public forum for academics, researchers, lecturers, and stakeholders at different levels of their professional careers within the area of language teaching and learning to share research findings, provoke innovative ideas for classroom practice, and shape directions for new research.

This year, LTLT 2018 seeks to understand the diversity and unity of different teaching and learning practices in the globalised context of language education. The event is a forum for both local insights and international perspectives to be shared and analysed for better understandings and more effective practices of the field. Nowadays, every student comes to class with a smartphone and remains connected during class time at a physical room. Students can read the materials that teachers have never heard about. They may be exposed to a variation of English that the teachers have never experienced. This conference is, therefore, able to address these challenges and opportunities. Therefore, we look forward to learning from your vigorous discussions during the conference and hope that this forum would motivate more efficient changes of language education in the context of Vietnam and other countries.  

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